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The Reporter, Volume 35 Issue 4
March 2012
The mission of the Toledo Repertoire Theatre, founded in 1933, is to educate, entertain and serve Toledo and the surrounding region through live theatre.

Letter from the Artistic Director


To snow, or not to snow. Well it's looking like we might just get through this winter without getting hit by a major blizzard. I know, I shouldn't have mentioned anything. But whatever happens this month you'd have to agree we've been very lucky to escape the pains and sorrows of unfortunate shoveling. And just think, in less than 20 days we'll be welcoming the first day of Spring (and my 8th wedding anniversary too by the way) Note to single guys... choose a wedding date that already has something happening on it and it'll be easier to remember... NOT that I would have forgotten my wedding anniversary.

As usual we urge you to visit our website to read in even greater detail all the goings-on here at the
Tenth Street Stage.

And now time to announce our big 80th Anniversary Season! Oops, I see we're out of space. Look for it
in April!

Enjoy your St. Patrick's Day. For those who drink, please drink responsibly, and don't drink and drive. The life you save might be one of our patrons.


Steve needs a Pianist

I'm looking for a Jack (or Jill) of-all-trades when it comes to the piano; a composer with a collaborator's sensibility, who's a whiz-bang on the ivories and who won't take him or herself too seriously. A sense of humor is a must for this project which is a multi-media comedy I've written that is now ready for the music to be put to the songs...and maybe a little bit more. If this interests you at all please contact me a sburnette@toledorep.org.


Saturday Morning Classes

Saturday Mornings 9-12
at The Toledo Rep
$100 for the 8 week session

March 17- May 19, 2012
"The Wild, Wild West"

Please bring a snack, drink, folder & pencil to each class. Please no flip flops, clogs or hard shoes.
Bordertown Cafe by Kelly Rebar


April 13, 14, 20, 21, 22, 26, 27, 28, 29, 2012 


Set in a Canadian café, 17 year-old Jimmy and his family carry on a loud and hilarious commentary on our cultural differences as Jimmy and his mother Marlene navigate the difficult waters of teen/parent relations. Wise words from Grandpa and wisecracks from Grandma help Jimmy make the toughest decision he has faced in his short life. 


Events Calendar
A Number
An Edgy Rep Reading
March 24, 2012 
Venue TBD
Bordertown Cafe
April 13, 14, 20, 21, 22, 26, 27, 28, 29, 2012
Tenth Street Stage
For more information please click here
Casting Call
March 31 & April 1
The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas
April 28
Young Rep
June 2
Once on this Island, Jr
Young Rep

For more information please click here
Wish List
Grant Writer
Stage Crew Volunteers
Handy Man
Legal size mailing envelopes
If you would like to volunteer or donate an item from this list, please contact Kathy at kmcgovern@toledorep.org

Theatre Manners and Advice

with Entertainment Etiquette Expert, 

Wilma Seatsbetaken


D. Snyder from Ottawa Hills writes...
Dear Wilma, I was in New York recently and I saw a real neat musical on Broadway called "Rock of Ages" that celebrates the big hair 80s songs from my heyday. I understand The Rep is in the final 'stages' (pun intended) of putting together their big 80th Anniversary Season of shows. Why can't they do this show, or some of the other shows currently on Broadway?
Dear D; As The Toledo Rep is what is known as Community Theatre, that means the rights to many shows currently on Broadway are not necessarily available until the show has "worn out its welcome" so-to-speak on The Great White Way. And in most instances the show then makes its round on the touring circuit, first as a National Tour starring performers with names you would recognize, and then
in an effort to milk every last dime out of a production's "hotness" the National Tour would be followed by what is called a Bus and Truck tour, usually with lesser known actors, or starring an actor trying to reinvigorate his or her career. Once the tours have come and gone the rights then become available to what are called Regional theatres in which cast, crew, and staff are all paid. Once that opportunity has been made available for a season or two the rights generally become available to groups like The Toledo Rep. What I've spelled out here isn't always the case, because as you know there are exceptions to everything, but it is the general order of how these things go. The Rep does have an advantage since it's been around for 79 years and has an impecable relationship with the several licensing agencies. So while The Rep may not get shows such as "Rock of Ages" right away, sometimes they can get shows a little sooner than others who are in the same category of Community Theatre. And sometimes they can't, but you've stopped reading this answer some time ago so what does it matter what I've written by this point? And by the way, your pun wasn't all that funny. But thanks for writing.

Do you have a question for Wilma?  Please drop Wilma a line at Wilma@toledorep.org and perhaps your question will be published and answered in our next e-Newsletter.  


"But probably not,  so don't get your hopes up." -WS

Useless Theatre Trivia

Sherman Edwards was a World War II Veteran and a history teacher before becoming a lyricist and composer, working with some of the great rock/pop singers of the 50s and 60s. While in the middle of a heated dispute with Elvis Presley's manager, 'The Colonel' regarding pay cuts in exchange for having Elvis record one of his songs, Edwards walked out saying he was done with rock music and had an idea for a 
musical. Ten years later in 1969 Sherman Edwards gave us "1776" which ran for 1217 performances.
In Memoriam 
The Toledo Repertoire Theatre would like to extend our condolences once again to a wonderful woman who played such a vital role in The Rep a number of years ago; Gloria Moulopoulos, whose husband Charles "Doc" recently passed away at the age of 89.  Gloria please know that our thoughts and prayers continue to go out to you and your family during this time.

Contest?  Did someone say Contest?


Last month's misspelled word was "especailly".  Congratulations to those of you who pointed it out, you know who you are.  And your name is now in our special "hopper" for an end-of-the-year drawing of a special prize package chosen especially for you. Can you spot this month's misspelled word?   

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