Job Opportunities

Office and Administrative Manager (OAM)

This position reports directly to the Artistic Director. In lieu of an Artistic Director this position reports directly to the President of the Board of Trustees.

Employee is expected to average 30 hours per week with evening and weekend requirements during the calendar year.


  1. Institute, support and maintain policies as directed by the Board of Directors.
    1. Provide a rolling weekly schedule 2 weeks in advance of regular office hours, balanced with box office management in the event of performances.
    2. Keep an accurate and up to date timesheet of hours worked for payroll.
  2. General administrative support includes:
    1. Administration of business matters pertaining to the daily operation of the theatre
    2. Box office sales and customer service for patrons of the Rep
    3. General administrative support for Board committee chairs
    4. Assisting with grant request information
    5. Clerical support to Artistic Director and Board of Trustees President
    6. Adult and Youth Student registration
    7. Donation and In-Kind recognition (tickets, ads, gift certificates) and contributions
    8. Liaison with accountant for IRS and finance needs
    9. Present a status report at monthly Board meetings
    10. Ordering and sale of Rep-related merchandise
    11. Manage and maintain Google accounts and passwords
    12. Work directly with Web Designer to keep accurate and up to date information on the website.
  3. Office management includes:
    1. Ordering supplies, concessions as needed
    2. Vendor research and negotiation for theatre goods and services
    3. Answering phones during business hours
    4. Payroll maintenance and management
    5. Communication liaison for students, instructors and production staff
    6. Theatre key management
    7. Waste disposal, cleaning and grounds maintenance with providers
    8. Maintain relevant databases and mailing lists
    9. Developing, documenting and disseminating office procedures
    10. Liaison with IT consultants as needed
    11. Identify, troubleshoot and resolve maintenance issues with office equipment
    12. Train staff on use of equipment and systems
  4. Box office support includes:
    1. Maintain online ticketing system (
    2. Ticket sales – cash, credit, comps, etc.
    3. Group sales coordination and communication
    4. Providing box office sales for one hour prior to the start of each performance
  5. Production administration includes:
    1. Season subscription mailings
    2. Security scheduling
    3. Usher and Concessions Volunteer coordination
    4. Reporting production sales
    5. Collect, layout and design information for program inserts
    6. Photographer coordination for headshots and rehearsal/production photos
    7. Coordinate A Christmas Carol school performances with schools
    8. Coordinate performance specific purchasing needs with Production and/or Technical Director
  6. Financial responsibilities, including:
    1. Checking and savings account monitoring, journaling and check disbursement
    2. Reconciliation and verification of all credit card purchases
    3. Oversee and ensure purchased items and services do not exceed Board approved spending levels
    4. Seeking Artistic Director and/or Board approval for any expense or any variation to previously approved expenses exceeds $200.
    5. Working with the Artistic Director and the designated financial representative to ensure the ongoing financial stability and cash-flow positive outlook for the theater
    6. Coordinate with the Artistic Director and/or Production Manager to ensure procurement of Production rights including licensing, royalties, and scripts in a timely manner.
    7. Understanding the cash flow cycle of the season and ongoing financial needs of the theater.
  7. Other duties as assigned.

Applicants should send a resume and cover letter to