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Our Young Rep Ed classes aim to foster self-confidence, teamwork and commitment in a safe and fun environment. Here at The Rep, ‘Toledo’s Community Theatre’ since 1933, we have been providing educational theatre classes for northwestern Ohio and southeastern Michigan since 1937.

We strive to create a vibrant theatre experience that engages, educates and inspires young people and our surrounding community.

Audition Song Selection – Virtual Class – 10:00am Tuesday July 14
We will cover what to consider (vocal range, age range, character type, theme, tempo, etc.) when choosing a song for your repertoire and/or a specific audition. We will also touch base on introduction, posture, breathing, choosing 16/32 bar cuts, comparing and contrasting song styles, emoting while singing, and tips on preparation, memorization, and audition etiquette!

Build Your Own Rep Ed – Virtual Class – 10:00am Mon-Fri July 20-24
Build Your Own Rep Ed combines many of the passions of the aspiring theatre artist, such as dancing, acting, playwriting, and costuming! We will meet in a 1 hour Zoom session (new sessions each day!) where you will learn from our instructors about these theatre topics. Instructors will present fresh and exciting ways that you can incorporate these lessons and make theatre happen in your own homes!

Details and Registration – by donation

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Adult Audition Class

One on One Monologue Coaching – Virtual Class
With Fran Martone

It may be Corona time, but you can still hone your craft with these one on one monologue sessions via Zoom. You can sign up for one (or more) coaching sessions from the times listed below. Each session will tailored to the actor’s individual needs. If you are preparing a piece you wish to use for an audition, it should be a contemporary monologue no more than 1 minute long. If you are using the monologue primarily to work on acting technique, any monologue under 4 minutes will do. For the best results, material should be memorized. Coaching is open to anyone 16 years of age or older.

Details and Registration – $20 per half hour


Adult Improv

Stay tuned for more improv classes and workshops in acting and technical theatre in the coming months.


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