A Christmas Carol

Directed by Betsy Lackey
Music and Vocal Direction by Gail Mowry
Choreographed by Ashley Hill

Featuring Paul Causman as Ebeneezer Scrooge

Audition dates: Thursday September 15 6:30-9:00pm, Saturday September 17 1:00-4:00pm, or Sunday September 18 1:00-4:00pm by appointment.
Performance dates: December 2, 3, 8, 9, 10, 15, 16, and 17 at 8:00pm, December 4, 11, 17 and 18 at 2:30pm
Additional school performances: December 1, 2, 8, and 9 at 10:00am

Available Roles:

HEAD OF HOUSE: As the audience enters the theatre the Head of House is sitting in a single comfortable chair on stage. He/she (and other actors as they enter to check props) greet the audience as they get their seats. When the play starts, the Head of House begins by welcoming everyone to his/her home, covering the usual “turn off your cell phone” stuff and explaining a bit about what the audience is going to see. Then He/she begins the first song. Throughout the whole show the Head of House is the lead singer on group numbers.
BOB CRATCHIT: Loving father and husband, kind hearted, hardworking, a part of him fears Scrooge and another part pities him. 30’s-40’s, tenor.
MRS. CRATCHIT: Bob Crachit’s wife: practical, strong, capable. Her family is everything. 30’s-40’s soprano.
MARTHA CRATCHIT: she is now a young woman, misses her family so much, older teen, 16-20, soprano, strong singer, must be able to sing parts
PETER CRATCHIT: adores his family, eager to please, boy 12-16, tenor or boy soprano, strong singer, must be able to sing parts
FRANCIS CRATCHIT: smart, quick to make comment, the middle child, 10-14, soprano, strong singer, must be able to sing parts
BELINDA CRATCHIT: shy, but wants to be included in everything, 8-12, soprano, strong singer, must be able to sing parts
TINY TIM CRATCHIT: must be small in stature, sickly – uses a cane to walk, wise beyond his years, 8+, soprano, strong singer, must be able to sing parts
FRED, SCROOGE’S NEPHEW: A true gentleman who truly wants to know his uncle, wishes he could understand what caused Scrooge to be so difficult. mid 25-40+, baritone.
MILLIE, FRED’S WIFE: She adores Fred and dislikes anyone who mistreats her husband – therefore she has great disdain for Scrooge. mid 25-40+, soprano
TOPPER, FRED’S GOOD FRIEND: a jokester, wants to be the center of the party. Character actor, mid 20’s-40+.
JAKE, A VENDOR: Common man who takes great pride in being a street vendor, honest but quick to hustle the extra farthing. Strong sense of humor, prefers to laugh at the world rather than find fault. Character actor who sings, tenor.
NELL, A VENDOR: She fancies herself an artist with wool. Like Jake she has a strong sense of humor and a very kind heart. Character woman who sings, alto.
GENTLEMAN 1 AND 2: Well-to-do businessmen who believe charity for the unfortunate is their societal duty. Character actors.
JACOB MARLEY, GHOST: Gloomy, pathetic, doomed to walk the Earth bearing the chains of his past, somewhat manic as he switches from pleading with Scrooge to admonishing him. Character actor, 40+.
CHRISTMAS PAST: Wise beyond her years, at times a child, a sprite, and then the old sage – Puck-like/Yoda-like. Must be light on her feet. Female, 16-20, or 50+ strong actress/soprano/dancer.
CHRISTMAS PRESENT: Boisterous, Jolly, larger than life, always looking for an opportunity to spread Christmas cheer. Strong actor who moves well, BIG baritone voice.
CHRISTMAS FUTURE: There are no lines and the actor is covered by the costume; however, must be able to move well, strong movement on drywall stilts.
FAN, EBBY’S OLDER SISTER: eager to have her brother back with her. Teen girl, 14-18, soprano.
YOUNG EBBY: lonely, sad. boy, 8-12, boy soprano (must be able to handle his own vocal part.)
MR. FEZZIWIG: Happy, generous, likes to tease his wife, loves her very much and wants the same for his daughters. Character actor who dances well 40+
MRS. FEZZIWIG: Happy, generous, likes to tease her husband, loves him very much and wants the same for her daughters. Character actor who dance well 40+
YOUNG SCROOGE: Determined to make his mark in the world, hides his feelings behind his strong sense of purpose. Strong actor, 18-24.
BELLE: Fezziwig’s oldest daughter, beautiful, intelligent, practical, knows what she wants in this world. Strong actress, 18-24.
CHARWOMAN: She has worked for Scrooge for years, waiting for the opportunity to take from him what she feels she has earned, unscrupulous, bold, strong character woman, 30+
JOE, THE KEEPER: He has also worked for Scrooge for years, waiting for his opportunity, however, he waits for the charwoman to initiate the actions so if caught he is not at fault – she made him do it. Character man, 30+
TURKEY BOY: eager to please if there’s money attached, 10-15 – needs to look like he is struggling to carry the large turkey he fetches.
ENSEMBLE OF TOWNSPEOPLE/GUESTS all ages 15-60+: must sing and move well, some acting and dancing features
SCHOOL CHILDREN: 8-14, must be able to sing in parts, some acting and dancing features
DANCERS: dancers in Fezziwig and Ballroom
SPRITES: dancers who help the Ghosts

Auditioners should prepare 18-32 bars of a Christmas song that best shows their ability as a performer and provide sheet music for said song to accompanist at the time of audition. Auditioners will also be asked to do a cold reading from the play (materials to be passed out at the audition)

If auditioning as a dancer, the auditioner should wear comfortable clothing that is easy to move in. A short dance routine will be taught during the audition appointment to be performed.

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Please contact the Rep Office Manager at with questions or for more information.